Straightforward Stance on the Issues

  • FOR Capping Property Tax Appraisals at 5% or Less
  • FOR Securing the Border and Cutting off the Magnets that Attract Illegal Immigration
  • FOR Public School Classroom Excellence & Fair Teacher Pay
  • FOR Lower Taxes & Reduced Government Spending to Encourage Economic Growth & Job Creation
  • FOR Aggressive Flood Control Efforts Through Increasing the Use of Retention Ponds
  • FOR Legislation that is Tough on Crime and Supports Local Law Enforcement
  • FOR Increased Border Security
  • FOR Giving Municipalities Greater Authority to Enforce Apartment Standards
  • FOR Pro-Life and Pro-Family Values
  • FOR 2nd Amendment & Gun Owner Rights
  • AGAINST Obamacare & Federal Government Intrusion
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“Dear Dwayne,
You are very much appreciated by this family and many others in Binglewood.”

Jeannie Walther, Binglewood Homeowner

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