Bohac Appointed to Blue Ribbon Task Force on Building and Standards

HOUSTON, TX - Today, Houston Mayor Annise Parker appointed Rep. Dwayne Bohac to the newly created Blue Ribbon Task Force on Building and Standards. The task force will oversee the reorganization of the responsibilities related to enforcing building ordinances in the city of Houston.

As State Representative, Dwayne has long supported giving municipalities greater authority to enforce apartment standards as a way to improve local quality of life for Houston residents. In 2003, Bohac authored and passed SB 1010 which created the ‘Nuisance Apartment’ law giving much-needed aid to local law enforcement to crack down on nuisance properties around Houston. In 2009, he authored and passed HB 1819 that established habitability standards and a regular, cyclical inspection program for the roughly 4,000 apartment complexes in Houston. The legislation was aimed at reducing crime and ensuring that the estimated 1 million Houstonians who live in apartments are safe and secure. The initial inspections and notifying property owners of violations began this year. The city has since begun working with these property owners to repair the violations.

“I am honored to been chosen for the newly created Blue Ribbon Task Force on Building and Standards. Improving our local quality of life has been my top priority in the Texas legislature, and I am proud to have created new state laws that crack down on nuisance apartments and to have created new habitability standards and a regular apartment inspection program in an effort to reduce crime and ensure that Houston apartments are safe and secure. This law helps surrounding neighborhoods as well. I look forward to using my expertise to make sure our buildings and standards are up to par,” said Bohac.

The Building and Standards Commission was created in 1993 for the purpose of hearing and determining cases concerning alleged violations of ordinances relating to dangerously damaged or deteriorated buildings or improvements, or conditions caused by accumulations of refuse, vegetation, or other matter that creates breeding and living places for insects and rodents. The Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force will make recommendations to reinforce the effectiveness of the Building and Standards Commission.

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