Culberson And Bohac Donate Flagpole For Park During National Night Out

HOUSTON - On Tuesday’s National Night Out, Spring Branch Oaks and Spring Branch Estates II were honored with a gift from U.S. Congressman John Culberson (R-Houston) and State Representative Dwayne Bohac (R-Houston). Together they presented the two civic associations with an American flag that was flown over our Nation's Capitol and a Texas flag flown over our State Capitol, along with a 25' pole to proudly display these great flags.

“Synergy Park has been a collaborative effort between Greg Grebiac with the United Way, Helen Huey, Houston City Council Member Bruce Tatro, Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack, Senator John Whitmire and the people of Spring Branch Oaks and Spring Branch Estates II,” said Bohac. “I am proud to join my friend John Culberson to provide this flagpole for the community and take part in such an important night for our neighborhoods.”

Volunteers from two neighborhoods adopted a large triangular-shaped city easement several years ago and through the years have painstakingly turned it into a special park bordered by Spring Branch Oaks and Spring Branch Estates II. Through the efforts of many, they have managed to level and landscape the area, add bollards for protection, install a sprinkler system, and include park benches and even a gazebo.

“The presentation of the flags was like a grand finale,” said Lois Stromberg, President of Spring Branch Oaks Civic Association. “It was an occasion we will long remember and one we will reminisce with a sense of pride.”

Approximately 50-60 residents attended the ceremony. “They proudly pledged allegiance to the United States of America and our great state of Texas,” said Catherine Barchfeld, President of Spring Branch Estates II Civic Association and the Spring Branch Central Super Neighborhood. “The residents who attended were overcome with a sense of patriotism and pride to be American citizens and part of this great state.”

“On behalf of our neighborhood residents and all who pass by, we thank Representative Bohac and Congressman Culberson for presenting our community with these significant flags,” continued Barchfeld and Stromberg. “We will protect, honor and fly them with great pride.”

Rep. Bohac attended several National Night Out events throughout his district, all part of an annual event designed to bring communities together and encourage neighborhoods to work with law enforcement to target crime in their area.

“There is nothing more important than having people come together as a community to stand united against crime and to join together to help meet the needs of their area and fellow neighbors,” concluded Bohac.

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