Dwayne Bohac Launches the New Bohac.com

HOUSTON – State Representative Dwayne Bohac (R-Houston) officially kicked off his re-election campaign with the launch of the new Bohac.com, a first-rate website aimed at creating the most personalized, one-stop online destination for the people of the 138th District of the Texas House of Representatives.

“I am pleased to announce that Bohac.com is now up and running,” said Bohac. “More than just a political website, Bohac.com is meant to be a resource for my constituents to get more involved with our community and our state government. It’s also a chance for the people of Texas to see where I stand on the issues.”

Far more than just a typical candidate website, Bohac.com is a true community hub for the constituents of District 138. It provides visitors with detailed information about Dwayne Bohac and his legislative agenda, encourages people to get involved with their community and provides increased access to Bohac’s constituent services.

“This is another step in my ongoing mission to provide the best representation and constituent service to the people I have the privilege to serve,” continued Bohac. “I am asking for my constituents to visit the site, join our email list and take an active role in making our district and our state a better place in which to live and raise a family.”

Bohac.com features several innovative new concepts designed to expand the role of the internet as a medium for people to get more involved with politics. These include a gateway to the online resources of the district known as the Community Hub, an opportunity for citizens to submit their own ideas for legislation, and a Community Initiatives section were visitors can share ideas for improving the district’s local quality of life.

“Take a moment to visit Bohac.com, have a look around and sign-up to stay informed on news important to our district and the state,” concluded Bohac. “Join me and help continue the vision for the future of west and northwest Houston and for all Texans.”

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