Gessner Road to Receive Beautification Improvements

HOUSTON—The Spring Branch Management District (SBMD) has reached an agreement with the City of Houston to design and implement esplanade beautification improvements along Gessner Road. The improvements are being made in tandem with the city’s current Gessner Road reconstruction project that will improve drainage and traffic flow along the thoroughfare. 

Esplanade beautification improvements to Gessner Road will include brick pavers at the intersection of Long Point and Gessner, enhanced landscaping to include ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers and irrigation for medians, and new street lamps from I-10 to Neuens designed like the street lamps on the Memorial City side of the highway. The city is constructing the esplanades and planting trees selected by the SBMD, and the management district is handling all the landscaping and irrigation needs for the project. In addition to improvements to Gessner, future plans may involve street lamps along Long Point as well.

“Local quality of life has always been one of my top priorities, and I am very proud to announce the launch of these beautification improvements,” said Bohac. “This is the culmination of hard work by many of our community leaders, and these improvements are the latest in a long line of projects aimed at enhancing local quality of life in Spring Branch.”

Bohac recently testified in front of the SBMD Board in support of new Gessner lighting, as well as future street lamps along Long Point to help enhance community safety and area beautification.

“I would like to give a special thank you to Council Member Brenda Stardig for working hard with the SBMD for new street lighting on Gessner,” said Bohac.

Several major intersections along Long Point have already seen the installation of pavers and significant urban design, giving the intersections a much more appealing look. All aesthetic improvements within the boundaries of the District will be in accordance with Spring Branch design standards, keeping the feel of the neighborhood consistent and beautiful. 

Esplanade beautification, along with lighted Spring Branch monument signage, have been installed throughout the SBMD boundaries, which in general are I-10 on the south, Beltway 8 on the west, Clay Road on the north, and Hempstead highway on the east. S.E.A.L. Security, a private firm provided by the SBMD to protect lives and property, can regularly be seen patrolling the area inside the boundaries of the District. 

Construction on the Gessner project is estimated to end in May of 2018 at which point the Spring Branch Management District will assume the role of regular maintenance of the esplanades. Nurturing the landscaping and greenery to ensure its long-lasting beauty will add value to the Gessner area for years to come.

The Spring Branch Management District was created by State Representative Dwayne Bohac and State Senator John Whitmire with a mission to serve the area through public safety, mobility, and urban design improvements.

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