Rep. Dwayne Bohac Named "Champion for Free Enterprise" by the Texas Association of Business

HOUSTON, TX -- Recently, State Representative Dwayne Bohac (R-Houston) was honored to receive the "Champion for Free Enterprise" Award from the Texas Association of Business (TAB) for his commitment to bringing jobs to Texas, promoting economic prosperity and creating a thriving workforce during the 84th Legislative Session. 

“We at TAB want to thank Representative Bohac for his support of the Texas business community,” said TAB CEO Bill Hammond.  “It is critical to Texas that we have a strong business climate and thanks to the actions of this Legislature and Representative Bohac, Texas will continue to be a job creation and economic leader.”

"As a small business owner myself, I am proud and honored to receive this designation from the Texas Association of Business," Rep. Bohac said.  "I know the hard work that goes into running your own business, and we owe it to all employers and employees in Texas to maintain the pro-business and stable regulatory climate that has driven our state's economic success.  Texas continues to attract new people, new businesses and new jobs from around the country, and I am committed to promoting pro-business policies, maintaining a low tax burden and staying out of the way of entrepreneurs.”

The Texas Association of Business (Texas’ statewide “Chamber of Commerce”) is a broad-based, bipartisan organization representing more than 4,000 small and large Texas employers and 200 local chambers of commerce.  Included in the evaluation for the award was the legislative scorecard, which was based on a 0-100 scale and considered the most important votes for business and employers that were taken during this past session. 

On November 4, 2014, Representative Dwayne Bohac was re-elected to represent House District 138. He is a lifelong District 138 resident. 

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