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Pro-Life Sonogram Bill Passes in the Texas House

House Bill 15, co-authored by Rep. Bohac, will require women seeking an abortion to have a sonogram before making a life-changing decision

AUSTIN, TX - On Monday, the Texas House of Representatives approved House Bill 15 which would require a sonogram for women seeking an abortion.  The legislation, which was co-authored by Representative Bohac, will ensure pregnant women have all of the facts to help them make an informed decision before the procedure.

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Bohac Outlines Legislative Priorities and Announces Staff

AUSTIN, TEXAS–State Rep. Dwayne Bohac (R-Houston) was sworn in to office on January 11th along with 149 other members of the Texas House of Representatives and is pleased to announce his Capitol staff for the 82nd Legislative Session.

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The Houston Chronicle Endorses Bohac

Cite Work to Reduce Homeowner Property Tax Appraisals and Crack Down on Nuisance Apartments

A private business owner, the Texas A&M graduate has worked hard to help hold the line on property taxes by limiting the percent by which property valuations can be increased annually. He has also done important work to improve habitability standards in apartments.

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Bohac Appointed to Blue Ribbon Task Force on Building and Standards

As State Representative, Bohac has long supported giving municipalities greater authority to enforce apartments standards and has created new state laws that have cracked down on nuisance apartments. He also helped create habitability standards and a regular apartment inspection program in an effort to reduce crime for surrounding neighborhoods and ensure that the estimated 1 million Houstonians who live in apartments have a home that is safe and secure.

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