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Bohac Passes Long Point Resolution

City of Houston Urged To Move Forward With Redevelopment Effort

AUSTIN - The Texas House of Representatives passed a resolution this week encouraging the City of Houston to redevelop Long Point Road.
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Walkout Halts Bohac’s Firefighter Protection Bill

Public Safety Employees Pay The Price

AUSTIN - The current walkout in the Texas House of Representatives staged by a large group of House Democrats has seemingly put an end to State Representative Dwayne Bohac’s House Bill 1860, a measure that would have protected public safety officials from exposure to hazardous materials.
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Bohac Stands Up For Active and Retired Teachers

AUSTIN - As the debate over the General Appropriations Bill waged on the House floor, State Representative Dwayne Bohac broke with the ranks to stand up for both current and retired teachers on two critical amendments to the bill.
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Rep. Dwayne Bohac Opposes Texas Cabaret

HOUSTON - Rep. Dwayne Bohac (R-Houston) has registered his strong opposition to a sexually oriented business (SOB), Texas Cabaret, attempting to locate in the Spring Branch area.
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Rep. Dwayne Bohac Adds Voice To Lawsuit Reform Effort

AUSTIN - All 26 Republicans in the House freshman class -- a formidable voting block that comprises one-sixth of the Texas House -- announced Tuesday they support House Bill 4 which involves sweeping lawsuit reform.
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