Bohac Passes Long Point Resolution

City of Houston Urged To Move Forward With Redevelopment Effort

AUSTIN - The Texas House of Representatives passed a resolution this week encouraging the City of Houston to redevelop Long Point Road. House Resolution 1295, authored by State Representative Dwayne Bohac, was unanimously adopted and adds the support of the Texas House of Representatives to the growing list of elected officials and community activist who are ready to see the City proceed with redevelopment of this vital thoroughfare.

“Spring Branch has been ignored for too long,” said Bohac after the measure passed the House. “This legislation represents a strong, unified voice from Austin telling the City that enough is enough--it's time to get Long Point Road redeveloped.”

“Long Point redevelopment has been a long time coming,” continued Bohac. “Efforts have been under way since 1994, and the time is now to get Long Point moving. It’s important to Spring Branch's local quality of life, and it reflects the unified will of the area. They're tired of fighting. It's time for the City of Houston to get working. The resolution I authored focuses the collective vision of the area, and it lets the City know the State and Federal government will do what it can to help with this effort. But the fact remains that the duty to get the road redeveloped lies primarily with the City.”

Long Point Road will play an increasingly vital role to the area as construction on the Katy Freeway begins later this year. Long Point is a significant commercial alternative for east/west traffic and will serve as a natural “relief valve” for commuters trying to avoid the construction since it runs from Conrad Sauer just west of Gessner all the way east to Hempstead Highway.

The resolution calls for design plans that would require, wherever possible, a four-lane divided roadway with 11-foot traffic lanes, 12-foot esplanades, and five-foot sidewalks within an 80-foot right-of-way with additional rights-of-way as needed for major intersections. It goes on to direct the City of Houston to ensure that the project’s design is balanced with the need for mobility, safety, and environmental soundness for the community.

HR 1295 echoes the sentiments of all three Spring Branch Super Neighborhoods who recently passed similar resolutions urging the City of Houston to move forward with the project. This is an issue passionately supported by virtually all Spring Branch area elected officials. Specifically recognized in the resolution are Congressman John Culberson, Senator Jon Lindsay, Senator John Whitmire, Representative Jessica Farrar, and Representative Beverly Woolley. Culberson has been working to secure federal funds for the project, while Bohac has led the way to recruit TxDOT funding from the State.

“Civic leaders and local elected officials have devoted a great deal of time and effort to get Long Point redeveloped,” concluded Bohac. “It's amazing what can happen when people work together. It's now time for the City to step up to the plate. The time is now.”

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