Accomplishments & Issues

Dwayne Bohac addresses the House of Representatives

A Champion for Lower Property Taxes

Dwayne Bohac believes skyrocketing property taxes are out of control and that no one should have to live in fear of being taxed out of their home. In the Legislature, Bohac passed a property tax exemption for disabled veterans and is leading the fight to lower the current 10% residential property tax appraisal cap to 5% or less for all homeowners. And last session, he filed legislation that would abolish ALL property taxes for seniors—a measure he will continue to advance next session. These are a few of the reasons why he was voted “Taxpayers’ Best Friend” by his colleagues in the Texas House.

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Strengthening Public Education

Bohac is fighting for increased funding for public education, retired teachers and teacher salaries and is working with parents, teachers and local school board members to improve and strengthen public education. He supports abolishing the failing “Robin Hood” school finance scheme so that our local school tax dollars stay in our districts and wants to limit standardized testing and stop forcing teachers to “teach to the test”.

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Fighting for Hurricane Relief and Local Flood Control

Bohac supported Congressional efforts to secure tens of billions of dollars in disaster relief funding for Hurricane Harvey. He is a strong advocate for aggressive flood control efforts including the increased use of retention ponds and supports utilizing the state’s “Rainy Day Fund” to help build a third reservoir and improve our existing reservoirs, tributaries and bayous. Bohac will continue working with our local, state and federal officials to recover, repair and rebuild from Hurricane Harvey and other recent floods to protect our neighborhoods from future flooding threats.

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Protecting Our Children Against Sexual Predators

Dwayne co-authored “Jessica’s Law”, which increased penalties against sex offenders who target children. The Texas version enacts some of the harshest punishments in the nation for child molesters who go after our most vulnerable citizens.

Safeguarding Our Elections

Dwayne co-authored the state’s voter ID law that was upheld by the courts to protect against election interference and preserve the integrity of our elections.

Securing the Border

Bohac supports strong border security measures but opposes separating children from their families. He has voted to authorize billions for border security in the state budget because he believes that since the federal government has failed to secure the border, the Texas Legislature must step up to the plate and take action.

Job Creation & Economic Growth

As a small business owner, Bohac knows that small businesses are the heart of our economy. That’s why he co-authored legislation to increase the Small Business Tax Exemption that reduced taxes for tens of thousands of businesses across the state, allowing them to be able to spend more money to create jobs and help grow the economy. Bohac will continue to work hard to eliminate restrictive regulations and red tape that make it difficult to start and build a business in Texas.

Public Safety

Bohac passed legislation to crack down on illegal game rooms and gambling. He also passed legislation to shut down “massage parlors” acting as fronts for prostitution and human trafficking and a bill giving local municipalities greater authority to go after “nuisance apartments” to improve public safety.

Other Highlights:

  • Consistently passed balanced state budgets without raising taxes
  • Authored the “School Supplies Sales Tax Holiday” law that benefits students, parents and teachers each year
  • Helped complete the Brickhouse Gully channel to improve local flood control measures
  • Joined State Senator John Whitmire (D-Houston) to pass legislation creating the Spring Branch Management District (SBMD) with a mission to serve the area through public safety, mobility, transportation, business development and urban design improvements
  • Passed tougher laws against graffiti
  • Secured funds for increased local police patrols, local traffic mobility and esplanade beautification projects
  • Authored the “Merry Christmas Bill” which allows teachers and students to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah in public schools without fear of litigation

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