Early Voting Ends Friday - VOTE REPUBLICAN!

Vote Republican to Keep America Great!

The choice this year is clear. This election is not simply about two different men running for President or individual candidates seeking local offices on the ballot—it is about two different Americas. It is about choosing between socialism and a fluid Constitution versus individual freedom and a rock-solid Constitution. Liberty is on the line, and I urge you to VOTE REPUBLICAN in every race on your ballot.

Early voting continues this week through Friday, October 30th, and Election Day is this coming Tuesday, November 3rd. Harris County voters can vote at any early voting or Election Day sites in the county. You can find the nearest location by visiting HarrisVotes.com.

Straight party voting is no longer an option, so you need to vote Republican all the way from the top of your ballot to the bottom—from the White House to the courthouse.

Thank you for all your support over the years. I ask that you join me one more time in voting for our entire Republican ticket for the sake of our country and the great state of Texas.

Yours and His,

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