Vote in Tuesday's Republican Primary Runoff Election

This Tuesday, May 22nd, is Election Day for the Republican Primary Runoff Election. Polls will be open from 7AM to 7PM. Any registered voter may participate in the Republican Primary Runoff Election—even if you didn’t vote in the regular Republican March Primary—as long as you did not vote in the March Democratic Primary Election.

Here are the races in Harris County that are included in this runoff:

  • United States Representative, District 2
  • United States Representative, District 29
  • District Judge, 295th Judicial District
  • Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5, Place 2

Regardless of where you live in Harris County, you are eligible to vote in at least one of these races.

In this critical election year, turnout is more important than ever before. Once this runoff is concluded, we will have our Republican Team locked in place for the General Election in November and—with your help—will fight to keep District 138Harris County, and the great State of Texas in Republican hands.

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